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Wednesday, 13 October 2010

My Five Favourite Films of All Times

1. Black Hawk Down
(Ridley Scott, 18th January 2002). Budget of $90mil. UK Gross: £5.7mil and USA Gross: $108.6mil.

2. Lord of the Rings Trilogy
(Peter Jackson, 19th December 2001, 18th December 2002, 17th December 2003). Budget of $93mil, $94mil, $94mil. UK Gross: £65.3mil, £57.1mil, £60.7mil. USA Gross: $314.8mil $340.5mil, $377.1mil

3. The Hurt Locker
(Kathryn Bigalow, 28th August 2009). Budget of $11mil. UK Gross: £308,887. USA Gross: $12.6mil.

4. Saving Private Ryan
(Steven Spielberg, 11th September, 1998). Budget of $70mil. UK Gross: £18.7mil. USA Gross: $216.1mil.

5. The Hangover
(Todd Philips, 12th June 2009). Budget of $35mil. UK Gross: £21.7mil. USA Gross: $277.3mil.

1. I love this film just for the passion you can sense throughout it, the main storyline is somewhat lacking but the action scenes and acting is great throughout. I just love it.
2. Lord of the Rings is the only trilogy in which I love all three films. The action scenes, dialogue, acting and special effects are all sublim3. This film is very original, i've never seen another film quite like it. The lead role is done superbly and the sheer tension throughout is mind-blowing.
4. Possibly one of the most violent films i've seen, but the passion and drama is present throughout it. Tom Hanks is excellent and with Spielberg directing, the cinematography is pure brilliant.
5. The funniest film i've ever seen. The story line is so simple, but the comedy is just pure genius. It has so many original ideas and I just hope, that if they make a sequal, it is representative to this one.

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