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Sunday, 20 February 2011

JW - Critical Analysis of Our Coursework Practical

After completing our Coursework Production, I felt it would be necessary to do a short analysis of our production, containing points which I believe we haven't done well and could've improved on.

  • our panning/tracking shots were not the best. Admittedly, these were difficult to do with our limited equipment but other groups had managed to do them to a high standard, I feel if we had persevered a little more we would've been able to do them well, which would have lead to us having to do less awkward editing which isn't easy and doesn't always look as great.
  • the soundtrack in our opening scene has been said to be a bit too repetitive. Despite soundtracks in slasher films being quite repetitive, after watching our opening soundtrack several times, we do feel it does get a little tedious. We now know we should have added a lot more variation to our soundtrack, which is likely to compliment the whole piece better.
  • due to audience feedback and our own original decisions, we decided to cut out a scene containing a 'preview' of the mask and a large fake scare. We feel the footage we had for it didn't work well enough to fit coherently with the rest of our production, this then led to an awkward situation. We tried to fix it best we could but it hasn't worked particularly well, in hind-sight  we should have probably either re-shot or altered our story in a productive way.
  • there is one shot in our production of a slow zoom on the door, this is slightly too long and would cause audiences to lose interest, we should have shortened this.
  • finally, some of our shots are very subtly shaky. Despite us hardly realising this, we should have taken extra care when filming to prevent this to the best of our ability. 

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