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Wednesday, 24 November 2010

JW - Deconstruction of 'Dumped'

Our 60 second film was meant to use various implications of mise-en-scene to convey various messages to out audience. I think we did this reasonably well, apart from the opening scene, all of the movie is very dark, this gives a eery feel to the movie and also adds a strong sense of mystery (as most horror/slasher) because we cannot know what's coming out of the darkness. Secondly, the costumes in our film (although being very basic) help supply some verisimilitude, a very real feel throughout. There's nothing particularly special about any of the characters that would make them out of the ordinary, apart from there's obviously something mentally wrong with the character seeking revenge on his ex-girlfriend. This yet again, plays with the mind of the audience. The target audience for our film would most likely be teenagers, predominantly male.
There was little editing in our film, several transitions towards the end and a slide anchoring a change in time. This was done yet again to add a sense of realism, if there were lots of flashy transitions and exuberant sound effects, it could start to look tacky and people could start to see less severity and realism within it.
The sound is all diagetic, there is little dialogue and the only other sounds we have are a door slamming, heavy breathing, loud footsteps and feet scraping on stones. No non-diagetic was aloud but if it was, I think it would yet again take away some of the realism from our production.
We use a variety of camera shots and angles to portray various aspects of different ideas for our film. The most memorable shots is the POV shot within the 'stalker/killer'. This just gives a great sense of narrative enigma as to who this person is and it also gives us a sense of him stalking his soon-to-be victim. Another good use of camera angles is the panning up from foot to face of the killer. This makes him look like a very powerful and abrasive person.
We learnt several things whilst filming and editing our production, firstly, that when it's pitch black, it's very hard to capture what you need to on the camera. alternative light sources need to be used and these can be rather tricky to obtain and use properly. However, the darkness can be used to well to add mystery and suspense. Secondly, it can be quite difficult to create feelings of suspense and tension without music (which can affect your heart rate), using silence can sometimes work because it makes the audience prone to loud noises (which will invoke a larger feeling of shock) but some of the time it can get rather dull.

Here is our production...

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