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Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Lessons I've Learnt From My Microdrama

Our microdramam taught me a lot of things about the filming industry and how difficult it can be to create a good, believable drama. Firstly, i've learnt that preparation and planning is by far the most important thing for creating a film, the story board and call sheets are essential. If you complete these to a good standard then the rest of the filming task will become a lot more easier.
Secondly, you need to use your time allowance a lot more wisely.  This could also come under planning but using your time carefully to make sure you get everything done is key. Also, the way you film shots is vital, don't try and do something you're not capable of or that doesn't fit in with the scene, for example if you are trying to make a character look high and mighty, don't use a high angle as it will give the impression of him being small and in-significant. Following on from this, when filming a conversation, it is key not to follow the conversation with one single shot, use different shots and different angles. This will add more to it and will also keep the audience more entertained.
We found out that a voiceover or narrative over the film could be very useful, especially if the dialogue is lacking or if something needs to be explained more so to the audience. A voiceover can also be used for great dramatic affect, for example it could be someone telling their story, this makes the whole film seem a lot more realistic, thus more frightening or funny.
Finally, we've seen that from other films, end credits or 'blooper' scenes can work really well as an ending to a film, they give it a nice finish and use really good editing techniques.

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