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Sunday, 12 December 2010

JW - Deconstruction of '5ive Girls'

-Directed by Warren P. Sonoda in 2006.
-Had a budget of  $3mil, no box office figures given.

Opening Scene - (Ends after 4mins 42secs)
This is one of the more interesting opening scenes to a horror film that I've seen, this is mainly due to the fact that I would describe this type of film as a more religious horror then a straight out horror. The fright and tension is mainly created by using the religious 'fights' between the Devil and God/Jesus, but they usually invoke the Devil taking over or possessing characters, and this creates the fright factor, as I've seen in many films, (most recently, 'Devil' - John Erick Dowdle, 2010).
The establishing shot in this opening is quick to anchor that this movie will have a religious theme - the giant white cross on the building connotes Christianity and it could possibly signify goodness or heaven from the colour of it, granted that white is so often associated with goodness - the opposite of black. The mise-en-scene in this opening is quite striking, the costumes first of all reveal a lot about the characters. The reverend or 'father' is portrayed and recognised due to his clothes, and he is clearly a teacher to the pupils. The costumes of the students connote a religious school. The music in this is very suspenseful, it builds up slowly to the dramatic conclusion of the scene and this adds lots more intensity to it. Little substantial editing is used, but the special effects are quite dramatic. The bizarre substance that creeps up 'Elizabeth's' face and them appear to jump off it seem very realistic.
This film does seem slightly more indie then most horror films, it's budget isn't particularly large. I intend to watch it all and give my opinion on it, although it's got a low rating on imdb (4.6).

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