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Sunday, 19 December 2010

JW - Deconstruction of 'Buried Alive'

- Directed by Robert Kurtzman in 2007.
- No budget or box office figures are given. I'd presume that it had a relativley small budget, it does appear to be quite an 'indie' movie given that I had never heard of it before so it must of had no particularly large advertising campaign. Plus, no mainstream actors are involved in this film.

Opening Scene (Ends after 4mins 30secs approx) - Very little actually happens in this opening scene, our main focus is on a woman in the bath. Given the nature of shots (panning up and down as she shaves her legs) it is quite clear that she is sexually active. This is often interpreted as a 'sin' in horror/slasher movies, so she may die quite quickly in this film, however she may also be the 'final girl'. This would be taking a different approach to the traditional way slasher movies are set out; the traditional 'scream queen', being the final girl.
The beginning of this scene is quite clever, at first you get the impression that what's happening is actually reality, there are no clear signs that what's going on is a dream. This changes however, when a very clear aspect of editing is used. using the blurriness of looking at something through water, the character who firstly appeared to be drowning the girl, changes and it becomes a different man. You can not think however, that this may be foreshadowing what might happen later on in the film.
Not much else happens in the opening scene that I can deconstruct, the music is very 'stereotypically' associated with horror; creepy piano notes. Little editing, mise-en-scene or camera shots are used that can be particularly deconstructed.

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