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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

JW - Evaluation Question Five

How Did You Attract/Address Your 

For this question, I decided to use the annotations tools on 'youtube' and annotate our second rough cut of 'Oblivious', I have added annotations to some vital areas which address how our production would attract its audience.

Since this was not our final production, I feel there are other aspects of our final production that would attract our target audience.

Firstly, the sound we would add. This would greatly increase the tension and suspense in our production, also, if our production has a recognisable song or relatively catchy tune. It is quite stereotypical to the horror genre, this would help our audience understand our preferred reading to understand that our movie, is a slasher.

Since our production was filmed in Yorkshire, and our cast are also from Yorkshire. Their accents would bear some regional identity, which our audience could relate to. Also, the age of our actors would allow our target audience to be able to relate to them.

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  1. not really a comment on this (more detail would be good though); have you any CUs to use, provide a bit more variation and emphasize the scary bits?!


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