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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

JW - Evaluation Question Four

Who Would Be The Audience For Your 
Media Product?

We feel that the audience for our media product would be (given our BBFC rating, and also our target audience research), between the ages of 15 and 24. This gives the opportunity of all teenagers of legal age to see the movie, as well as younger adults who still enjoy a good slasher film. 
The age range of our secondary target audience would be much, much wider. This would vary from ages of approximately 12 until a lot later in life, we decided at approximately 40. After this age, adults prefer to watch more intelligent movies such as a psychological thriller.

'Horror is most popular with teenagers and twenty-something’s, and this seems to go against the genre with a lot of critics, as if these age groups aren’t capable of making an intelligent film choice. This, of course, can be true; if at any time in the horror genre, we are being shown it now, with the surge of the re-make, where teenagers are unaware of the far superior (in most cases) films that are being regurgitated.'
The above is a quote from regarding target audience for horror movies. I have used this quote to help back up my statement of target audience, regarding age.

Here is a video of me interviewing a member of our core target audience.

Gender is a key aspect when looking at target audience, we feel that given the majority of people killed in slasher movies are women, men would be most interested. There is also the idea that given slasher movies contain some amounts of (primarily) female nudity, males would also be interested - especially younger males.
However, with the stereotype of 'final girl' developing in horror movies and especially within the slasher sub-genre, more and more females are beginning to enjoy slasher movies due to the inspirational concept of a final girl.

'We all aspire in some way to be the Final Girl. 
That is; act virtuous, beat the evil. And as we know from what the media tells us, there is a lot of evil out there.'
The above quote is from and gives a good idea as to what a final girl is, does and how to be one.

< This image is Jamie Lee Curtis portraying a 'final girl'. In our plot overview post, we stated that we intend to include a final girl if our production were to be a full movie.
This would increase our audience, because females would be more interested in seeing it.

So to conclude, we feel that the audience for our media product would be a wide range of people, firstly, our advertising would mainly focus on attracting teens and young adults, of both genders. We would then expect a much larger variety of people aging between 12 and 40 to see our product.

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