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Wednesday, 2 March 2011

JW - Evaluation Question Three

What Kind Of Media Institution Might Distribute Your
Media Product And Why?

Since we are a very low budget (virtually no budget) film company, and very indie as opposed to the big film distributors such as Icon Films or Walt Disney Films, we feel that we would be distributed through a very indie company.

Since our film was so low budget and doesn't have the highest quality actors, props or locations, none of the big Hollywood companies would be interested in distributing our production, because they would be scared they wouldn't be able to earn enough profit from it. However, slightly more indie companies would relish the task because indie films have a very specific target audience and also since the films have such low budgets, it makes it very easy for them to achieve large profits.

After doing some research into various low budget films such as Donkey Punch and This Is England, I've discovered that our ideal distributor would be Optimum Releasing. They distributed just over 200 films since they were founded in 1999. They distribute an extraordinary variety of films from very high budget movies such as Source Code which had a budget of $32mil, and films such as This Is England which only had a budget of £1.5mil. Since our movie had (virtually) no budget, it would make sense for us to use this distributor has the capabilities to distribute low budget movies, as seen with previous examples.

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