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Tuesday, 1 March 2011

JW - Evaluation Question Seven

Looking Back At Your Preliminary Task 
(The Continuity Editing Task), What Do You Feel 
You Have Learnt In The Progression From It To Full Product?

Firstly, I feel the most important thing I've learnt is how hard it really is to create a proper piece of media. During our prelim task, only the people creating took part in the acting. However, during our final product, we had to cast genuine 'actors'. This proved to be very difficult for many reasons, firstly, timing. Approaching the deadline, it became extremely hard to be able to gather all the cast and crew together for filming. Secondly, just finding cast members initially was very difficult, people are very reluctant to showcase themselves on a public scale, they find it very embarrassing.

Here is our prelim video:

Another thing we've improved on vastly since our prelim task, was holding the camera steady in shots where it's appropriate. You can see from our prelim task, to our first rough cut, a vast improvement in holding shots steady, and also using a larger variety of shots.

This is our second rough cut of our production: 

As you can see in this, there are lot of jerky shots and unsteady camera-work, in our final production we have completely got rid of these - we believe.

Furthermore, I feel that our group has developed it's commitment and determination levels. Each one of us has very equally contributed towards our production, whether it's been editing, filming, soundtracking etc. Each member has held their own weight and we believe that the pre-lim task helped us develop the idea of teamwork and how each member has to contribute.

Carrying on from this, we have discovered how vital audience feedback is towards your final piece, without it, (admittedly) our production would have been very poor. It gives us vital insight into what our target audience wants to see from our production and also how we can improve it.
This is an example of us recieving audience feedback on social networking site 'Facebook':

Finally, one of my individual tasks of our coursework was to create the soundtrack. This proved to be extremely tricky to do. I did lots of background research on existing sound tracks (see this post) from classic horror movies. I tried to base our soundtrack on this and I believe it will fit in with our production well.

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