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Tuesday, 11 January 2011

JW - Target Audience For Slasher/Horror

An average slasher film has many picturesque and busty teenage girls getting brutally murdered by a (usually) male horror killer. There is also a large amount of partial/full nudity in these, this is often of the girls because as they partake in sexual acts, they are committing a sin and therefore need to be punished, by the killer.
Both of these conventions in a slasher movie are there to enforce the films target audience; primarily teenage males. Although more and more teenage females are beginning to enjoy 'slasher' movies due to the fact that - despite many girls getting brutally murdered -  there is often a 'final girl' who defeats the killer and she could potentially be quite inspirational to the girl. In the movie 'Scream' (see earlier deconstruction), the 'final girl' is Sidney Prescott.This is one of the most recognised slasher movies and this is a great example of a 'final girl'.

 This is a picture of Sidney Prescott.

The target audience for our production (entitled Oblivious) will therefore be primarily teenagers (both male and female). Although since we will not be doing an ending for our film, we cannot establish a 'final girl', we will give serious inclinations that our production will be a rather more conventional slasher movie.
The rating of our production, I imagine would be a 15. Most slasher movies are rated at least a 15, due to the amounts of violence and nudity (and in a more sub-genre of slasher, drug use). Yet again, since our production will be a conventional slasher movie, I imagine it'll have at least a 15 rating.

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