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Thursday, 13 January 2011

JW - Actors/Characters Needed For Our Production

Our production only consists of three main characters, a stereotypically 'scream queen', a stereotypical 'jock' character, male, and finally the killer, whose identity will not be revealed to add some narrative enigma.

'Scream Queen' - this character will hopefully be portrayed be a blonde girl who could fit the conventions of a scream queen in a horror movie. She plays the most significant role in our film, that of first showing sexual inclinations towards our 'jock' character, she then proceeds to get horribly frightened by her soon-to-be killer and eventually, killed. We realise that the actors for our film will not be of this highest quality, despite the lack of realism this may bring, we still hope that our film will look like a real production due to our mise-en-scene, editing, camera shots and lighting.

'Jock' character - this character only plays a small role in our film. He is to show sexual relations towards the girl character, but then he must abruptly leave, leaving the girl alone and isolated. However, despite his small role, we don't want to portray a stereotype that's common in slasher/horror movies; the strong, manly 'jock' boyfriend.

The killer - the identity of this character is not revealed, therefore who acts this character is not really relevant. He will be most likely be dressed in a black cloak and we are debating on the idea of wether to give him a mask or not.

All updates will be posted on here.

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