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Monday, 3 January 2011

JW - Deconstruction of 'Def By Temptation'

- Directed, Written and Starring James Bond III
- Released in 1990
- No budget figures given but made $2.2mil in the USA box office.
- To go to the imdb site, click here

- Opening Scene/Opening Credits (Ends after 4mins 15secs)
The first frame we see in this film is of a city skyline in front of a red background. Red is usually a signifier of blood and guts, and also a satanic presence. The opening titles are popping up in bold, yellow lettering. The yellow colour could imply some sort of good/hope in the city, that is all-in-all, not a good place.
The initial backdrop then fades away and it goes to a black background. These of course are binary opposites, and as in most horror movies. The white is a representation of 'goodness' whereas black usually connotes evil.
The title of the film then comes up onto the black screen, in white lettering. However, the third 't' in 'temptation' is initially a red crucifix. This signifies that there may be some religious horror in this movie, or possibly the satanic side of religion, ie. the Devil.
An establishing shot is now in the frame, of a modern day, bustling city. Anchorage of the time, and urban area. Although we don't know yet, which city it is. Second establishing shot is of the bar where the opening scene takes place. Looks like quite a 'shanty' area, for the probable working class.
Following this, the opening scene follows a black man who works behind the bar. He's on the phone to someone, presumably a woman and his lover due to his dialogue. Following this conversation, he is then on the phone to presumably, another woman. Organising a weekend together. Given that this man is calling two women and through his dialogue, he wants to or already has had sexual relations with them, we fear he may die quickly. Due to the basic horror movie conventions of adultery or just sexual relations equals death. This could be setting it up for later in the movie.
An up-beat disco area soundtrack has played constantly throughout the whole of the first scene, possibly helping to anchor the time or due the movies (I presume) low budget, they may not have purchased the right to use any well known songs.
Little significant editing is used in this opening scene, the mise-en-scene is also rather basic. The clothing is average and the only location used is that of an average bar.

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