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Tuesday, 18 January 2011

JW - Deconstruction of 'My Bloody Valentine'

- Directed by Patrick Lussier in 2009
- Had a budget of $15mil and made $51.5mil in the USA boxoffice and £6.7mil in the UK boxoffice.
- Remake of the film with the same name, directed by George Mihalka in 1981.

-Opening scene/opening credits (ends after 1min 36secs): this a more bizarre opening scene that I've see, we are not properly introduced to any characters. The opening scene consists of many varying newspaper headlines and sub-headings. This of course, is a very strong aspect of editing as this could not be done without using special effects. The non-diagetic sound we here is there to anchor the texts we can see, it tells the story of people being trapped under ground in a mine. This story then gets developed, and along with the ever changing newspaper headlines, it appears the accident of people getting trapped in the mine, may have been down to someone, and also that someone was murdered.
All this is setting up the story for later in the movie, in which I presume people will be hunted down and killed in the film, this is a slasher after all.
There is very little else to say about this opening, since not a lot happens.

My Bloody Valentine 3D wallpapers

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