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Monday, 3 January 2011

JW - What I Learnt From 'How To Survive A Horror Movie'

This is a more comical book by Seth Grahaem-Smith that looks at the stereotypical conventions in all horror movies. Such as a light blue filter being present or an eery layer of mist covering your ankles. From the title, it is more of a 'guide' on how to survive horror movies, it goes through various 'techniques' and survival tips on how to defeat a psychotic killer, murderous doll etc.

The reason I decided to read this is because. although is not a serious book. It would give me many ideas for my coursework on what the normal conventions in horror movies are and also how I could go about making mine slightly different if I don't want it to be like an ordinary horror movie. Or if I want to stick to the codes and conventions of the more standard horror movie, this book gives good insight on what occurs. And also what shouldn't happen in horror movies (because these are some of the ways the author decides you could counter your killer).
All in all, it's a good read. With some very funny illustrations but it's also very factual about the vast majority of horror movies and also has some excellent quotes and recommendations from the classic horror movies.

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