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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

JW - Deconstruction of 'Drag Me To Hell'

- Directed by Sam Raimi in 2009.
- Had a budget of $30mil and made $42mil in the USA boxoffice and £6.2mil in the UK boxoffice

Drag Me to Hell wallpapers

Opening credits (ends after 17 secs): initial idea that this will be a horror movie due to the non-diegetic sound that you hear before opening credits are even on, it's very creepy, slightly old-fashioned music. Creates an immediate chill to the audience. This is then backed up as white lettering on a black background, this appears to be what most horror movies do. It then fades out as the opening shot is revealed.

Opening scene (ends after 3mins 12secs): during the establishing shot, we have immediate anchorage to the location and time for this opening shot. The entire opening scene is also subtitled, I am not 100% sure on the language but I think it may be Mexican. The use of sound throughout the opening scene is vital, it it very creepy (just like that in the opening scene), and it also signifies the background the characters come from - it appears to have a very Latino vibe to it.
There is a variety of shots, and from the opening scene, the audience knows that this will not be a slasher - there is are many references to hell and the devil. This signifies to the audience that this will be more of a religious based horror, such as '5ive Girls'.
There are many strong aspects of mise-en-scene, primarily the house the characters are in. It's a very old fashioned but quite upper class house. Secondly, the clothes the characters are wearing signify a slightly lower class - a contradiction to their housing.
Finally, the most recognisable and significant aspect to this opening in the effects and editing. Firstly, when the sick boy is taken into the room, firstly with the ghostly hands creeping around the stained glass windows, and then when the scene ends, with the boy being dragged down to hell. They're really good special effects and make the entire scene seem very realistic.

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