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Monday, 10 January 2011

JW - The Setting For Our Film

For our production, we only need one major location. This will be a relatively modern, fairly middle class household. There needs to be nothing particularly special or outstanding about the house, it just needs to be a fairly simple household. This will add to the simplicity and realism of our production, which will then make it seem more scary.
The other locations we need are of the interior household,  a living room (most likely) that contains a comfortable sofa, a table (that empty alcoholic beverages will be on) and the rest could just be your average living room (TV, pictures, lights etc.).
We also need a hallway with a door on the end of it (the door is to lead outside), and a large window that overlooks a dark, bleak garden (this is to show the loneliness and isolation of our lead character).


The above house is a picture from 'Google Images' so it is not the one we will be using, however this is the type of 'standard' house we would want to use, it is nothing too over the top and signifies a simple life.

Any new updates on location/setting ideas will be posted on here in the near future.

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